About the brand

Unique and sophisticated, Di MODOLO is based on the philosophy of purity, clarity, freedom of movement, and the sensual pleasures of wearing. 

A modern approach to classical design…

At the forefront of fine Italian jewelry, Di MODOLO is the innovative luxury brand who made its mark with their exquisite 18k Gold and Diamond jewelry designs. 

 Founded in 2001, Di MODOLO quickly established a name for itself as a luxury jewelry brand designed with today’s modern women in mind. The unique shapes and designs are based on the philosophy that everything encompasses purity, clarity, freedom of movement, and the sensual pleasure of wearing.

Over the years, Di MODOLO has captured the essence of the modern woman with extraordinary design. Renowned celebrities and many leading women in the US and worldwide enjoy this elegant luxury brand.

 Designed and manufactured in Italy, each collection and design is inspired by the bold passion and elegance of the Italian culture.

 From Sterling Silver to 18K Gold and Diamonds, each distinctive collection reflects the essence of modern elegance and timeless beauty with its original designs and impeccable craftsmanship. 


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