Jewelry Care

Over time, fine jewelry can maintain its original beauty if it is cared for properly. Dust, pollution and daily wear all conspire to cloud the brilliance of gemstones. The surface of gold, platinum and silver jewelry can become dulled. Timeworn prongs and clasps can result in the loss of a stone or an entire piece of jewelry. 


Di Modolo only uses sterling silver, one of the most beautiful and lustrous of all metals. With proper care, your silver will retain its beauty and character for many generations to come. While many of our silver pieces have a rhodium plating which will keep them from tarnishing easily we still recommend following basic silver care.


Sterling silver tarnishes, especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur, such as rubber bands and some papers. However, silver that is regularly used typically needs less care.


We recommend using a clean, cotton cloth and mild dish detergent diluted in water. Silver should not be left to soak in water. To avoid spotting, it is important to dry your silver immediately after washing.


An "oxidized" finish is the deliberate blackening of crevices in the ornamentation of a silver object to make its decorative details stand out more clearly. Take care as this finish can be removed by overzealous cleaning and polishing.


Once cleaned and polished, silver must be kept dry and properly stored. Our Di Modolo pouches will protect it from abrasion and offer a degree of tarnish prevention.


Between professional servicing, most gold and platinum jewelry can be maintained with a non-abrasive cleaner. Examine your jewelry regularly to make sure settings are snug and clasps and joining’s are secure. Avoid exposing gold jewelry to household bleach, which will quickly cause gold to discolor and possibly disintegrate.

Jewelry storage is important as well. To avoid scratching, we recommend that you store your Di Modolo jewelry separately in its original pouch or another suitably lined box or pouch.


Certain basic precautions should be taken with all of your jewelry. However, some gemstones, as outlined in this section, require special care. Take care to protect your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. Even a diamond can chip if hit with enough force or at just the right angle. Many stones such as amethyst, emerald, kunzite, opal, pearl, peridot, tanzanite and tourmaline are very delicate and easily abraded. Gemstones can scratch other gemstones and wear away at precious metals. Therefore, avoid stacking those rings and bracelets that would be vulnerable to such abrasion. Extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, ultrasonic cleaning and household chemicals can also damage jewelry.


The wood finish of your Di Modolo merchandise is carefully considered. To avoid potential damage please do not immerse the wood into water or any other liquid. To maintain its finish, simply buff wood with pure beeswax polish.


Our rose gold plating is done to the highest standard in our industry and should maintain it’s beauty for many years. Just like silver there are some basic care instructions to follow to help keep your Di Modolo jewelry looking beautiful. Rose gold plated metal can tarnish, especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur, such as rubber bands and some papers. To remove fingerprints on rose gold plated jewelry use a soft cloth with a mild sudsy water, dry thoroughly and buff gently with a soft cloth. Electrolytic cleaning (aluminum foil, salt and baking soda in a water base) is not recommended.

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