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How To Tell Fake Diamonds From Real Ones?

Spot a big diamond on a celeb but not sure if it is the real thing? Style stars have been known to sport fakes. Even ...

How to Test if Your Jewelry is Really 18 Karat Gold?

Ever wonder what the numbers and the letter mean when you are considering a jewelry purchase? 18? 24? And what does t...

Interesting Facts About Topaz: November's Official Birthstone

Superpowers are all around us lately on the big screen, from “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” “The Black Panther,” to “The Wol...

How to Style Men's Rings? A Man’s Guide To Wearing Rings

You look in your closet every morning to choose the outfit for the day -- what kind of an image do you want to projec...

Sterling Silver vs White Gold: How they Differ?

On the fence about whether to go with sterling silver or white gold in your next jewelry purchase? Is one more trendy...

3 Fashion Jewelry Trends in 2018

British royals may have launched many big ships in their time, but Meghan Markle is well on her way to launching big ...
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