Best Type of Necklace to Wear With a V-Neck Dress

Ever struggled to choose what type of necklace to wear with a V-neck dress? Selecting the perfect outfit is already stressful enough, so we are here to make your life a little easier.

Adding accessories to any outfit can elevate your look and make a statement wherever you go: but you need to make the right one. Whether you are heading to a casual lunch or going on a fancy date night, selecting the right necklace for a V-neck dress can make all the difference.

Read on to learn how to choose the perfect necklace to pair with your V-neck dress.

How to Choose What Type of Necklace to Wear With a V-Neck Dress

When choosing the perfect necklace, you should always follow the shape of your neck. So for a V-neck dress, a V or Y-shaped necklace would go best. Then, you can think about how dainty or large you want the necklace to be and what color you would like to wear. 

Not only is choosing the right shape important, but you need to ensure the necklace you wear with your V-neck dress matches the occasion. For example, if your event is during the day, stick to a simpler, more dainty necklace. For a fancier and more elegant look, wear a thicker necklace with more color.

When deciding on a necklace for a V-neck dress, you want it to accent your dress, not clash with it. Since gold has very bright white hues, select silver, platinum, or pearl jewelry if your dress is white. For all other dresses, just about any jewelry will work - allowing you to choose from gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, pearls, and more. 

If your dress has a print, keep your necklace simple, you don’t want your outfit to look crowded and distracting. If your dress is plain, spice up your look with a more extravagant necklace. No matter what, make sure whichever type of necklace you choose to wear with your V-neck dress matches your other accessories (and feel free to model a full outfit in the mirror. We won’t judge).

Different Types of Necklaces and Lengths

Before we get into exactly what type of necklace you should wear with a V-neck dress, let’s discuss the different options available to you.

Here is a list of the most popular types of necklaces:

  • Choker: Fits very closely to your neck with nothing hanging, usually about 14-16 inches long.
  • Princess Necklace: Around 18-20 inches long and falls a little below your neck, resting on your collarbone.
  • Pendant Necklace: A pendant hangs from the chain, which can vary in length and width.
  • Matinee Necklace: 22-24 inches and rests just above the bust.
  • Opera Necklace: Ranges from 26-36 inches long and rests around the breastbone.
  • Lariat Necklace: Also known as the Y necklace, this necklace wraps around your neck and has one strand hanging from the other.
  • Rope Necklace: Any necklace longer than an Opera necklace and is made with beads or chains.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of necklaces, you should know that necklace length is a key factor when choosing what to wear. Always remember to leave about an inch of space between your necklace and neckline so it is more noticeable and appreciated. 

You should also consider the lengths of your sleeves when deciding what type of necklace to wear with a V-neck dress. Dresses with thin straps should be worn with chunkier necklaces, and dresses with long sleeves should be worn with dainty necklaces.

The Best Necklaces to Wear With V-Neck Dresses

V-neck dresses have the power to bring the wow factor when paired with the perfect necklace. Since V-necks draw people’s eyes to your chest and cleavage area, it is crucial to wear a necklace that compliments you. So what type of necklace is best to wear with a V-neck dress?

You can’t go wrong with choosing a pendant or princess necklace. Pendant necklaces create a flawless V-shape that will go great with your V-neck dress, especially if the pendant is a sharper, triangle shape. A good rule of thumb is to always make sure the pendant ends about an inch above your neckline. 

Lariat necklaces would also be a great option when choosing a necklace for a V-neck dress. Its Y-shape will create proportion and lengthen your torso, making you appear taller. Alternatively, matinee necklaces also go very well with plunging necklines.

You’ll also want to avoid asymmetric necklaces when choosing what type of necklace to wear with a V-neck dress because they can distract attention from the actual neckline. Round shapes, such as a choker necklace, will look out of place and can throw your entire look off - a feat best avoided.

Layering chains is a great idea because it fills up the empty space and can make you stand out from the crowd. For example, you can pair a princess necklace with a lariat necklace to achieve a classy, elegant look. Just make sure to not overdo it by layering too many necklaces.

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed, remember this: you are beautiful. Selecting the right necklace for a V-neck dress is another chance to show off, so make sure to flaunt it.


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