Earring Styling Guide: How to Wear Earrings

Worn by women all over the world, earrings are a beautiful accessory that has the ability to make or break an outfit. Learning how to wear earrings to enhance your look isn’t easy. Earrings are the first piece of jewelry someone notices when they are talking to you, so it is essential to know how to style your earrings. 

No matter the occasion, earrings are timeless, classic, and enduring. Read on to learn about the different earring styles to choose from and a few earring styling tips to help you look your absolute best.  

Types of Earrings 

Here are some of the most popular earring styles

  • Stud earrings: Sits on top of the earlobe without dropping and typically have a small design. 
  • Drop earrings: A simple earring that hangs from the earlobe, like an extended stud earring. 
  • Cluster earrings: Sits tightly on the earlobe and consist of stones or gems grouped together.
  • Dangle earrings: Similar to drop earrings, dangle earrings hang from the earlobe and feature a more intricate design. 
  • Hoop earrings: While most hoop earrings are round, they come in different shapes like triangles, circles, and squares, and range from small to large.
  • Chandelier earrings: A type of dangle earring that is shaped like a crystal chandelier to portray elegance. 

How to Wear Earrings

With every pair of earrings, there are a number of ways to style them. These tips will teach you how to style your earrings and make your decisions easier. 

1. Think About the Event You’re Dressing for 

You want to make sure your earrings are appropriate for the occasion. So if you are attending a work function, a family reunion, or a graduation party, you will probably wear a fancier outfit, so you should choose a pair of earrings that are more special. Statement earrings, chandelier earrings, and drop earrings are perfect for these occasions. If you are headed to something more casual, choose earrings that are subtle and dainty such as small chandelier earrings, stud earrings, or small hoops. 

2. Consider the Vibe You Are Going for 

When thinking about how to wear earrings, remember how important it is to match your earrings with the vibe you are going for. If you are feeling edgy, try putting on something like our bold Triadra 18k Gold and Diamond Earrings for a dramatic look. If you are feeling boho, choose a pair of earrings like dangle tassel earrings or something colorful. If you are feeling proper and sophisticated, a pair of pearl stud earrings would be perfect. The earrings you choose will set the tone of your whole outfit, so make sure you don’t stray away from your style. 

3. Match Your Neckline 

The earring style you should go for depends on your neckline. If you are wearing a simple dress or shirt, more dramatic earrings could be exactly what you want. For example, a strapless dress or a sleeveless tank top would pair great with bigger earrings like our Diamanté Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings. Elegant dangle earrings will also help lengthen your neck. 

To make your earrings stand out, keep your other jewelry pieces simple and to a minimum. If you want to tone down your outfit, wear simple, dainty earrings such as studs or small hoop earrings.  

4. Consider Your Hair Color and Length 

When learning how to wear earrings properly, always remember to choose earrings in relation to your hair color. If you are looking to compliment your hair color, and you are a blonde, gold metals and rose gold metals would look great. If you are a brunette, rose gold earrings or earrings with warm colors will bring out your warm undertones and highlights. To contrast your hair color, choose silver metals or lighter colors for black hair. 

It is also crucial to think about your hair length when choosing a pair of earrings. If you are wearing your hair down, it doesn’t make sense to wear dangle earrings because they will be hidden. Studs or cluster earrings would pair really well with your hair down. If you have short hair or plan to wear your hair up, long earrings, such as chandelier earrings, would significantly elevate your look. 

5. Show Your Personality 

If you are someone who likes to make bold statements, don’t be afraid to wear large, dramatic earrings. A black, navy, or burgundy dress worn with all silver jewelry will surely make a statement. For an even more powerful look, wear long, dangly earrings with sparkling gemstones. 

If you like to hop on new trends, try mixing metals. The trend of mixing silver and gold jewelry has become increasingly popular. If you have silver and gold earrings that you love, try pairing them together. Don’t be afraid to wear silver studs with dangly gold earrings. You can even try mixing and matching with different symbols! 

Overall, learning how to wear earrings and style them right is challenging. With these tips, you will stand out from the crowd and turn heads. 

If you are searching for elegant, modern, exquisite earrings, Di MODOLO has got you covered. From gorgeous stud earrings to beautiful dangle earrings like our Diamanté Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, our timeless earrings offer unique shapes and designs that will leave others in awe. Our earrings are designed with impeccable craftsmanship and will give you the confidence you deserve. Along with earrings, we offer luxurious necklaces, bracelets, and rings that will elevate your outfit from great to grand. Browse our collection of fine jewelry at Di MODOLO today!
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