How to Style Men's Rings? A Man’s Guide To Wearing Rings

You look in your closet every morning to choose the outfit for the day -- what kind of an image do you want to project? What kind of story do you want to tell the world? Are you in a rugged Hemingway mood, pulling on the rumpled khakis and a fishing vest, or in more of a dapper mood and reaching for your creased trousers and best tie? Can a ring help you tell your story? Take a look at these men’s rings fashion tips to learn how to style your jewelry.

Men’s Rings Tell a Story

Rings for men range from the sturdy and practical – plain wedding bands – to the fanciful. Jewelry, and rings, in particular, can be an integral part of your overall outfit and help tell the world more about yourself.  

When the world was divided into the people who owned the land and the people who worked the land for them, the man in the castle could wear a bejeweled ring with an intricate design, but the man who worked below in the field couldn’t wear (let alone afford) a ring that might get banged around and accrue dirt in the design.  

Different Rings for Different Occasions 

How does that old concept help you style your jewelry today? By deciding what kind of image you want to project. Going in for a job interview? Stick with the plain rings that help you broadcast an image of a hard worker, not afraid to get your hands dirty to get the job done. 

Out for a night in the town with someone new? Go ahead and get fanciful with your men’s ring styles… a bold fashion statement worn on your hand could add to a good impression. It is important you know what types of men's rings exist on the market so you can choose appropriately for any occasion.

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Men’s Rings for Trendy Fingers

The two traditional fingers on which to wear a man’s ring are the fourth finger of your left hand for a wedding band, and on your pinky for a crest ring. Contemporary men’s ring trends are expanding the possibilities though, and you will see stylish men wearing rings on their index fingers, thumbs, or even a middle finger.

Don’t go overboard with multiple rings on one hand unless you are auditioning to replace Johnny Depp in yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Send a Strong Message

Have you seen the media coverage of Ralph Lauren during this, his fiftieth year in business? Now there is a man who knows how to style his jewelry. Take a look at his hands – on his left hand, he wears a simple wedding band, but on his right – a battered silver crest ring rests on his little finger. This men’s style icon is sending a strong style message of tradition and fidelity, the central theme in his business empire.

Contemporary Design Twists

Want to venture past traditional wedding bands or family crests? Black diamonds give off a more subtle dazzle for daytime wear. But, think also of the contemporary design look they will give to stodgy black tie outfits on formal occasions. A luxurious look, but not ostentatious. The Centauro Sterling Silver & Black Diamond Ring would fill this gap in a wardrobe with ease.  

Thinking about trying a bold men’s ring style soon? Why not go with a Falco 18k Gold and Black Onyx Ring, it will let the world know that a wearer is a man of both style and substance. Check out the full line of men’s rings at www.dimodolo.com.

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