Interesting Facts About Topaz: November's Official Birthstone

Superpowers are all around us lately on the big screen, from "Venom," "The Eternals," to "The Suicide Squad," and beyond. And who wouldn't want to possess superpowers? Maybe you already do... right there in your jewelry box.

Gemstones have long had a lore around them; for thousands of years, there have been rumors that each individual type of gem has the ability to convey a special power to the wearer.

Let's take a look at the lore surrounding the gemstone topaz. What wonders await when you are adorned with contemporary topaz jewelry? Read on to find out some interesting facts about topaz.

Fun Facts about Topaz

It Has Super Powers

In ancient times, it was common to wear gemstones as they were protecting the wearer. A fascinating fact about topaz is that people believed it was imbued with the power to heal; topaz has the ability to preserve the wearer's sanity, and that topaz allows the wearer to become invisible when danger is near.

Who wouldn't want to wear the fine jewelry equivalent of Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak? Fun as it is to know these beliefs about topaz, it is probably wise to just wear fine jewelry designs with topaz because they are beautiful, rather than rely on them as a security system.


Topaz is November's Birthstone Gem

There are twelve gems for the twelve different birth months, and November babies are in for a gem-studded treat. November's official birthstone, topaz, comes in a variety of colors. Brown topaz can be treated to achieve a wider range of colors that make them well-suited for fine jewelry design. Think pink. Or violet. Yellows and golds -- the possibilities for a modern jewelry look are truly endless.

And then there is blue topaz. "London Blue Topaz is a popular trend stone universally loved for the smoky blue hue and the even and lustrous saturation," says Andrea Riso, a GIA Graduate Gemologist in California.  

A dazzling example of fine jewelry design is the Eterno 18k Gold and London Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds from DiModolo. Blue topaz is beautifully complemented by icy silver tones of either sterling silver or white gold. It is also a lovely complement to diamonds. Take a look at the Sahara Blue Topaz and Diamond Snake Ring in Sterling Silver as a bold and modern way to wear this much-storied stone.  

Topaz Symbolizes Love and Fidelity

But wait, we aren't done describing the remarkable topaz. Moving away from the idea of superpowers and towards the symbolism surrounding the topaz, there are lovely sentiments to be found in this gemstone.

Like the Victorian Era idea of the language of flowers, in which it was possible to send a coded message in a bouquet, giving jewelry with a blue topaz symbolizes love and fidelity. It also symbolizes increased strength and intelligence.

So, the next time you need a little something to help you face the world on a difficult day, reach into your jewelry drawer and select the power of topaz. Why not put on the Icona Bear Charm Necklace with Blue Topaz and Diamonds in Sterling Silver to give yourself some extra strength?

Topaz Care and Cleaning 

Finally, the last interesting fact about topaz is that it holds an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it can easily chip or crack. Since this gemstone is fragile, it requires gentle care. When cleaning this magnificent November birthstone, use warm, mild soapy water rather than steaming water. Avoid high temperatures and prolonged sunlight as it can cause internal breaks and fading.

Topaz is found in many places around the world, and in the United States, it is the state stone of both Texas and Utah. The Texans chose Blue Topaz as their official stone as it can be mined there. And in Utah, you can still go out and hunt topaz yourself at a park called Topaz Mountain.

Okay, so, if you don't have the time to become a topaz miner yourself, you can find plenty of topaz treasure at Discover more interesting facts about topaz, and other charming gemstones, on our blog!

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